Our classes assume a level of boxing knowledge and ability. We strongly recommend you do one of our introductory classes to make sure you are comfortable with the way we work, and to ensure your safety and the safety of others in the class. The introductory class can be helpful even if you have done boxing before. We will do our best to ensure you enjoy the class.

To view a short video of each class and to hear what our boxers think about our classes go to either our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Introductory Class

A class to teach you the basic four punches, stance, and hitting and holding bags and pads. Recommended before you take on one of the other classes and a great way to get started. (Bookings are required for this class.)

Fit Class

Working simple combinations on the bags/pads in a workout that will get you fit while having lots of fun. Great for beginners.

Tech Class

Working in pairs on the pads, focussing on proper technique and boxing skills. Great for beginners.

Fit/tech Class

This class combines the best of both fit and tech – the first 30 minutes is bag focussed and will get you sweating in no time. Then it switches to a tech focus covering basic boxing techniques using pads and gloves. Suitable for beginners.

Circuit Class

Combining boxing and fitness stations for a workout that will have you panting. High intensity.

Fight skills/ringcraft

Taking a slightly different tack to our normal tech classes this session looks at footwork, using the core, surprising the opponent with level and angle changes, correct punching technique, and basic defence skills. The ring craft section looks at manipulating the opponent from close range (inside fighting), touch fighting, fight IQ and helping you to transition to sparring. There will be some controlled physical contact in this section. Suitable for beginners and experienced boxers looking for another level.

Sparring Class

Full-contact sparring, for fun or preparing to compete. You will need your own wraps, t shirt, shoes or boots, a mouthguard and a strong level of boxing experience.