Looking for Wellington's best boxing gym?

Gloves Boxing Gym offers classes for people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Boxing is a fun way to get fit and stay toned. Meet your fitness goals with one of the most rewarding workouts of them all! At Gloves Boxing Gym we offer a friendly, low cost way to try it out, with individual sessions and a range of classes.

16/01/20 Notice: Fee Increases

Due to an increase in our rent we are going to have to raise fees by $2/week starting from February 1st.  This will only affect new members (current members will stay on their current rates).  If you or someone you know is thinking about joining up, do it before then and avoid the bump!

Sports Teams:

For teams interested in an alternative fitness routine we can run tailored classes and times. Find out how boxing with a qualified instructor can add an edge to your fitness.


* To join or book your introductory session please email us: admin@glovesboxing.co.nz or call (04) 803 3855.
(Note: If you have not boxed before we strongly recommend you attend an introductory session)